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When it comes time to make your hotel reservation, do you think is a reliable source? Here is our extended evaluation of This is an insider's assessment of's dependability along with some important information to consider before making your reservation. Boutique hotels cater to a specific clientele that includes astute business travelers, families, and couples.

Look for boutique hotels if you're seeking lodging that falls between the price range of a hostel and a five-star hotel. A restaurant and swimming pool are two amenities that should be provided because they are Instagram-worthy and appealing to this particular group of travelers.

1. What is

Booking Logo is an online travel agency that specializes in hotel reservations, but it also provides travel packages, airfare, vehicle rentals, and airport shuttle services. An online travel agency is another name for it (OTA).

Basically, allows you to reserve thousands of lodgings. This covers anything from luxury five-star hotels to camping. Do you want to stay in style? Then be sure to go through this tutorial explaining what constitutes a boutique hotel and what it needs.

Founded in 1996, underwent a number of changes before finding its footing in 2011. The original mobile app was released in late 2010 and may currently be downloaded from Amazon for Android, iPhone, Microsoft Windows, and Kindle Fire.

2. Is reliable?

Indeed! Booking has already been used countless times by us. We even had a “bad” case once. When we got to the resort, the kind receptionist told us we didn't have a reservation. We showed him the confirmation that we had on our phone. He persisted in saying, “There is no booking, we are sold out,” though. We had to give a call. They dealt with the matter right away. In addition, we received a complimentary upgrade.

Booking handled our reservation; I'm not sure what happened to it. Their level of customer service is evident here. 28,425,726 listings for 148,470 destinations throughout 228 countries and territories are available on the website. The website is accessible in forty-three languages, and over 1,550,000 room nights are booked there every day. They do hold a sizable portion of the market.

“The World's #1 Choice for Booking Accommodations” is how describes themselves. Since 2005, has been a pioneer in the travel industry, always posting the best deal on every particular room. For further details, view the “Best Price Guarantee” section below.

3. How to use is a good place to start your search because boutique hotels aren't usually listed individually in OTAs. We have conducted the necessary research and have located boutique hotels across the globe.

Choose a location from the dropdown menu box at Just after “What about the Location?” on each listing, scroll to the bottom of the page. and select the large red “Book property name Here” button.

4. Best Price Guarantee

Price match – you can claim a refund for the difference if you find your reservation cheaper on another website. Remember, you’ve got to contact right after booking and at least 24 hours before your check-in date. You’ll have to give them the link to the other offer, and it needs to be online and available when checks it.

Here is a quick checklist.

  • The other has to be for the same property and accommodation type.
  • When The other offer needs to have the same check-in and check-out dates.
  • The other offer has to have the same cancellation policy and conditions.

When can you NOT make a claim?

  •  If the other offer is on a website that doesn’t reveal the property or accommodation type, you will be staying in until after booking
  • In case the other offer is part of a loyalty or rewards program
  • If the other offer is part of a special promotion or deal
  • When your current reservation is Booking.Basic or if you are comparing with Booking.Basic

Look for “Found this room cheaper somewhere else” on your confirmation page or in “View all bookings” if you find a better deal elsewhere. It's advisable to compare prices before making a reservation. With all the limitations, do you really want to go through the trouble of trying to get a refund through Simply perform extensive research prior to making a reservation as opposed to after. In the event that you lack an account, you can reach out to the Customer Care Team or use your booking number and PIN to log in.

5. How to cancel your booking?

To view the cancellation policy for your reservation—such as free cancellation up to 48 hours before arrival—you must input the check-in and check-out dates. Make sure you review all of the reservation's terms and conditions for the specifics. Your booking confirmation contains the property's cancellation policy. Other choices include paying at the property when you arrive, with no advance payment needed.

You may cancel your reservation, but the property may impose a fee. It is specified in your reservation's cancellation policy. For the cancellation, you will pay the property directly rather than Bookings that are non-refundable typically have cancellation fees.

When managing your booking, you may be able to request a free cancellation. This submits a request to the property, which has the option to not charge you for cancellations.

A non-refundable reservation cannot have its dates changed, but if your request to waive costs is granted, you may be allowed to reschedule for the days of your choice. Within a day of canceling a reservation with, you ought to receive an email confirming the cancellation. If it hasn't arrived, make sure to check your spam and inbox. You should also make sure the property has received your cancellation by asking them.

6. Downside of

One drawback of utilizing—or any other OTA, for that matter—is that the booking procedure does not require live chat assistance. Even though the Q&As are extensive, there's a chance that your query won't receive the attention it deserves or that your issue is slightly unique and won't be addressed in a general sense.

It's possible that you're not receiving the best deal on the market. It is imperative that you conduct your own price comparison before committing and selecting the Reserve option. Having said that, you are always guaranteed the best pricing.

7. Contact & Customer Service

Throughout the website, look for links to Customer Service. Tell the staff in the huge Customer Service block what the issue is, and they will look for the quickest way to assist you. Online booking management features allow you to add rooms, modify dates, and cancel reservations.

To see all of your reservations, make modifications, and receive help, log in. Use your PIN or confirmation number to accomplish that. In the unlikely event that you misplace your confirmation email, simply enter the email address you used to make your reservation, and the email will be sent again.

The best person to ask particular questions is the property itself, if you would like to get in touch with them directly. To check your booking, you must still sign in or enter your PIN and confirmation number.

Numerous resources to learn more about and to get in touch with them are located at the bottom of the website. It includes a list of nations, regions, cities, districts, airports, hotels, and points of interest for travel agencies, as well as unusual places to stay and travel communities.

8. App

Using the phone app is quite easy. You can choose between accommodations and car rentals on the home page, as well as search by dates, destination, number of guests, and rooms. If you are traveling on business, just check the corresponding circle and send in your search.

Additionally, your recent searches are neatly shown on the Home page. While you're on the road, you can list your home and earn money, or you can subscribe to receive exclusive offers. Each property is marked on maps with the total cost for the length of your stay. You can choose the currency in which you want to view the listing using an option at the top of the navigation bar.

9. Gift Vouchers Gift Cards

Gift Cards are accepted at all properties whose payments are handled by By adding your Gift Card to your Wallet and then searching for the Gift Card emblem on the property you are interested in, you can locate these properties.

While looking for lodging, you can find eligible properties by logging in and using the “ Wallet” filter. Check the Wallet after logging into your personal account to see the amount remaining on your gift card.

Right now, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom provide digital gift cards for purchase and delivery online. You must log in or establish an account with in order to complete this purchase. They take a credit card as payment with a maximum of £500 per card. But you can certainly buy more than one card.

10. Promo Code/Available Deals

Such statements as “Discover enormous savings globally,” “Check out today's deals link,” and “Today's top deals offer incredible savings.” These are straight-up room-filling offers. You have to go through practically the whole booking procedure before you can apply a promo code on

Start at's home page, choose your destination, and then click the large blue “Search” button in the top right corner to view the available offers. The dates of your trip's check-in and check-out must be entered. Either the second page or the home page allow you to do that. You need to input your travel dates either way. On a Smartphone, you will find the Final Step link to enter the Reward Code just before you enter your credit card details.

11. Other websites for booking boutique hotels

Online travel agencies usually do not include boutique hotels separately. offers a helpful service by specializing in this kind of accommodation and taking care of the investigation for you. is a second online booking website offered by They just so happen to be a part of Booking Holdings, Inc.,'s parent firm. For that reason, I advise you to simply utilize It is worthwhile to explore the area. I discovered several very lovely and distinctive places to stay.

There is a link on to search the top travel websites for the best deals. The first four listed are links to Expedia,,, and To perform the search, they all need the dates of check-in and check-out. Reservations cannot be made more than a year in advance.

12. Can you fake reviews on (and other portals)?

Two requirements must be met in order for's system to avoid fake reviews: you must have made your reservation via and you must have stayed at the property.

Above all, each review is moderated in accordance with the aforementioned principles. There's also logic involved in the review mechanism. Although there will always be a variety of viewpoints. Any report that visibly deviates from the accepted range for a specific property could be cause for concern. To make your choice, you must carefully read over each review.

There have been cases of wrong reviews in the past. However, when this happens, (or any other platform) takes action, and could even block the hotel. Hotels would not risk this as is too important for their business.

13. Summary is an all-inclusive travel website that may assist you in locating the ideal lodging options. They provide information about what to do once you arrive at your hotel as well as transportation options. Even though is a one-stop shop for travel, it's a good idea to compare prices to be sure you're getting the best value.

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