SEMrush Review: SEO Tools, Analytics & Competitive Research

Stuck on competition analysis of your brand or keyword research for your next online campaign? You might need to try SEMrush. In this SEMrush review article, we will discuss some of the best features that it offers you and whether you should choose it for your business.

SEMrush is a popular digital marketing tool that offers a comprehensive set of features to help businesses optimize their online presence. 

From keyword research and competitor analysis to site audits and backlink analysis, SEMrush provides a wide range of tools to help you improve your website’s search engine ranking and drive more traffic.

In this review of SEMrush at Tweaknology we explored it on lots of parameters like ease of use, features, customer support, and pricing. We also compared SEMrush with some of its leading competitors.

SEMrush Review – Ease of Use

SEMrush’s user interface is clean and easy to navigate. It has a clean menu that categorizes its tools and features well.

The dashboard provides quick access to all the features. At first view, it can be intimidating to some users. Once you go through the overview, it becomes a smooth experience. The amount of information provided on the dashboard is overwhelming.

Semrush also offers a user-friendly tutorial to help new users get started with the tool. 

However, the learning curve can be steep for some users due to the wide range of features.

Features Offered by Semrush

Semrush offers a comprehensive suite of features for SEO and digital marketing. There is a long list of features offered by SEMrush.

Here is a list of some of highly used features globally: 

  • Keyword research feature provides detailed insights into keyword difficulty, search volume, and related keywords
  • Site audit feature analyzes the technical SEO aspects of a website and provides recommendations to improve the website's performance. 
  • Keyword analytics provide historical data and other keyword metrics updated daily.
  • Backlink analysis feature provides insights into a website's backlink profile and helps businesses identify and eliminate harmful backlinks.
  • Competitor analysis that shows parameters like market share, traffic, and competitor benchmarking.
  • With Project management, you can develop a plan for your website keywords and their tracking, and analyze their social profiles and search engine results.
  • Content marketing platform audits your content. You can audit your competition’s content as well.
  • It also provides a local SEO listing management module that helps in optimizing local rankings.

Keyword Research with SEMrush

SEMrush is well known for its keyword research feature. The tool provides detailed insights into the keyword difficulty, search volume, and related keywords for a given keyword. 

Lots of reviews show the power of its keyword research feature. It offers a keyword gap analysis feature, which allows you to identify keywords on which your competitors are ranking additionally. 

While SEMrush’s keyword research feature is comprehensive, some users may find the cost of the tool to be prohibitive.

SEMrush review – Competitor Analysis with Semrush

Semrush - Try it free

The integrated competitor analysis feature of Semrush provides detailed insights into a competitor's online strategy. 

With this feature, you can easily study and analyze your competitor's organic and paid search strategies, backlink profiles, and top-performing content. You can then draft your own strategy to outrun them. 

Semrush also offers a unique feature called the Traffic Analytics tool, which allows businesses to analyze a competitor's website traffic and user behavior. While SEMrush’s competitor analysis feature is comprehensive, some users may find the tool's pricing to be high compared to some of its competitors.

How to Audit Site Using SEMrush


SEMrush’s site audit feature analyzes the technical SEO aspects of a website and provides recommendations to improve the website's performance. 

The tool checks for issues such as broken links, duplicate content, and missing meta tags. Semrush also offers a site audit scheduling feature, which allows businesses to automate the site audit process. 

Semrush site audit is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to audit a website using Semrush:

  • Sign up for a Semrush account: The first step to using Semrush to audit a website is to sign up for a Semrush account. Semrush offers a free trial that allows users to test out the tool before committing to a subscription.
  • Enter the website URL: Once logged in to Semrush, enter the website URL that you want to audit into the search bar at the top of the screen. 
  • Run a site audit: From the dashboard, click on “Site Audit” in the left-hand menu to start the site audit process. Semrush will begin crawling the website and analyzing various factors that could be impacting SEO performance.
  • Review the audit results: Once the site audit is complete, Semrush will generate a report that outlines any issues or errors that were found on the website. These issues are grouped into categories such as accessibility, crawlability, and technical SEO. 
  • Fix issues: Once you have identified any issues with the website, take action to fix them. Semrush provides recommendations and resources to help users address the issues identified in the audit report.
  • Monitor progress: After making changes to the website, continue to monitor its performance using Semrush to see how these changes impact SEO performance over time.

Backlink Analysis

Semrush's backlink analysis feature provides detailed insights into a website's backlink profile. The tool allows businesses to analyze their own backlinks as well as their competitors' backlinks.

Semrush also offers a backlink audit feature, which helps you to identify and eliminate harmful backlinks that may be negatively affecting your website's search engine rankings.

Pros & Cons of using SEMrush

A comprehensive suite of features for SEO and digital marketingPricing is high compared to some of its competitors
User-friendly interface and dashboardSteep learning curve for some users
Detailed keyword research and competitor analysis capabilitiesSome users may find the tool's reporting and backlink audit features to be complex
Site audit and backlink analysis features provide valuable insights
Customizable reporting features and white-label reporting options
Integrations with other tools and platforms
Responsive customer support

SEMrush vs. Ahrefs

When compared to its leading competitors, SEMrush stands out for its comprehensive suite of features and detailed insights. However, some users may find the tool's pricing to be high compared to some of its competitors.

One of SEMrush’s leading competitors is Ahrefs, which offers similar features to SEMrush but with a lower pricing structure. 

While both tools offer similar features and functionality, there are some key differences between the two that businesses should be aware of when deciding which tool to use.

Moz is another leading competitor of SEMrush, which offers a suite of features for SEO and digital marketing, but with a focus on local search. 

Ultimately, the choice between Semrush and its competitors will depend on the specific needs and budget of the business.

How to Buy Semrush

Semrush Package

You can purchase Semrush directly from its website. The tool offers three pricing plans: Pro, Guru, and Business. 

The Pro plan is priced at $119.95 per month, the Guru plan comes at $229.95 a month and the Business plan is priced at $449.95 a month.

Businesses can choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget and sign up for a free trial before committing to a subscription. 

The tool also offers a money-back guarantee, which provides an added layer of security for businesses considering investing in the platform.


From keyword research and competitor analysis to site audits and backlink analysis, Semrush provides valuable insights that can help businesses improve their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their websites. 

While SEMrush’s pricing may be high compared to some of its competitors, the tool's comprehensive suite of features justifies the cost. There are tons of positive Semrush review which show the wide customer base and use cases.

In our opinion, businesses looking for a powerful SEO and digital marketing tool should consider Semrush as a top contender.

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