11 Best Luxury Hotels in Milan, Italy

Hotels in Milan

Milan, the vibrant city of fashion and culture, offers a captivating blend of history, art, and modernity. As one of Italy’s leading tourist destinations, it comes as no surprise that Milan boasts an impressive array of luxurious accommodations that cater to discerning travelers seeking the finest experiences. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, Milan’s luxury hotels provide an unparalleled level of sophistication and comfort that will leave a lasting impression.

Luxury hotels in Milan go beyond providing a place to rest; they offer an immersive experience that caters to guests’ desires and exceeds their expectations. From lavish interiors to personalized services, every aspect is meticulously curated to create an unforgettable stay.

Château Monfort – Relais & Châteaux

11 Best Luxury Hotels in Milan, Italy 12

At Château Monfort – Relais & Châteaux, the elegant Art Nouveau interiors beautifully complement the modern fairy-tale-themed additions. This harmonious combination has garnered immense popularity for this top-notch hotel, evident through the numerous positive reviews it has received. Instead of following a minimalist approach, this trendy accommodation embraces a vibrant “controlled explosion of colors” in its design.

As a guest, you’ll find yourself intrigued by the intricate details and inspired to capture numerous photos throughout your stay. Anticipate tastefully themed and well-furnished rooms, personalized and attentive service, meticulous attention to detail, and a wide array of spa offerings.

Key amenities:

Hotel Manzoni

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Hotel Manzoni, situated in the heart of the Fashion District in Milan, exudes a sophisticated and refined Milanese charm. Embracing a wood-heavy interior design and adorned with abundant marble, the hotel emanates elegance and luxury.

The presence of a grand piano in the lobby adds to the ambiance of sophistication. Its prime location grants easy access to all the extravagant offerings of the city’s fashion scene. Hotel Manzoni distinguishes itself as a boutique alternative to the larger hotels in Milan, providing a unique and intimate stay experience complemented by top-notch service.

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Park Hyatt Milan

11 Best Luxury Hotels in Milan, Italy 14

Located just a stone’s throw away from the picturesque Piazza del Duomo and directly across the street from the photogenic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Park Hyatt Milan offers an enviable and iconic location in the heart of the city. This hotel embodies effortless Italian elegance, with visually stunning interiors, impeccable service, and a prime setting.

It’s no wonder that Park Hyatt Milan is often featured in photo ops, celebrity Vogue interviews, and extravagant events for the crème-de-la-crème of the local fashion scene. For the ultimate high-end experience, opt for the suite with a terrace, promising an exceptional stay with unparalleled views.

Key amenities:

Hotel Principe Di Savoia – Dorchester Collection

11 Best Luxury Hotels in Milan, Italy 15

Principe Di Savoia epitomizes the pinnacle of lavishness in this city. As one of the premier luxury hotels in Milan, it showcases a magnificent blend of marble-clad halls, grandiose restaurants, and aesthetically pleasing rooms. Everything surrounding you here exudes a sublime atmosphere, making it the perfect representation of a historic European five-star hotel. First established in 1896, the hotel has beautifully preserved the Liberty style (the Italian version of Art Nouveau) and boasts the confidence that only comes with a long and storied legacy.

While staying contemporary, Principe Di Savoia offers a well-equipped gym, an extensive selection of spa treatments, and a chic bar. Among its exceptional offerings, the Presidential Suite stands out, complete with a private pool, sauna, and Turkish bath, making it one of the most sought-after addresses in all of Europe.

Key amenities:

Armani Hotel Milano

11 Best Luxury Hotels in Milan, Italy 16

Armani Hotel exudes a strong sense of style, which comes as no surprise, given that the renowned couturier himself designed the entire lodging. Upon entering, you’ll step into a chic world characterized by onyx and beige, reflecting a minimalist philosophy while maintaining a high-end level of service.

The hotel beautifully blends its Rationalist roots with modern interpretations to provide a luxurious five-star experience. Notably, the panoramic spa center with a pool offers a serene oasis in the bustling city of Milan, ensuring you a world of relaxation to savor. Moreover, its prime location makes it an excellent base for exploring the city, with the iconic Via Monte Napoleone (known as Europe’s most expensive street) conveniently situated right at your doorstep.

Key amenities:

Mandarin Oriental, Milan

11 Best Luxury Hotels in Milan, Italy 17

When seeking a luxury hotel for your next Italian getaway in Milan, choosing Mandarin Oriental is an excellent decision. This lodging truly comprehends the essence of the city and offers guests a chance to immerse themselves in it through impeccable first-class service. The rooms and suites are spacious and well-appointed, featuring carefully curated furniture, with the ones boasting terraces being particularly fantastic. Indulge in the Milanese charm while savoring Michelin-starred cuisine at the Seta restaurant, set in the delightful inner patio.

Furthermore, the hotel boasts a stunning spa center with a spacious pool and six treatment rooms, offering the ultimate relaxation experience. Its Quadrilatero location enables you to explore world-renowned art attractions like Pinacoteca di Brera and Gallerie d’Italia with ease. Mandarin Oriental Milan ensures an unforgettable and luxurious stay, capturing the true essence of this vibrant city.

Key amenities:

Four Seasons Hotel Milano

Four Seasons stands out as one of the most remarkable luxury hotels in Milan, situated within a former 15th-century convent in the heart of the city. Despite its central location, the hotel offers a tranquil and peaceful ambiance, with a cloistered courtyard featuring a beautifully landscaped garden, serving as an oasis of serenity.

The rooms at Four Seasons pay homage to Milan’s rich cultural heritage and thriving design scene. The combination of centuries-old frescoes and high ceilings harmoniously blends with cutting-edge contemporary furniture, all enhanced by an abundance of natural light from panoramic windows. The wellness facilities are outstanding, offering an excellent treatment menu and an inspiring atmosphere. Furthermore, being located in the Fashion District, boutique stores are mere meters away, adding to the hotel’s allure and convenience.

Key amenities:

Bulgari Hotel Milano

11 Best Luxury Hotels in Milan, Italy 18

Experience the harmonious blend of nature’s serenity and the vibrant essence of Milan at Bulgari Hotel. Nestled in one of the most coveted sections of the city center, right next to the magnificent 18th-century Brera Botanical Garden, this hotel offers a unique tranquility that is hard to come by elsewhere. Immerse yourself in a world of impeccable design, with rooms that overlook lush greenery, creating a refreshing and revitalizing atmosphere.

The hotel boasts an exceptional selection of suites, many of which feature rooftop terraces for an elevated experience. The upscale garden restaurant further complements the experience, providing delightful dining amidst beautiful surroundings. Without a doubt, Bulgari Hotel stands as one of the finest luxury accommodations in Milan, skillfully utilizing its remarkable location and dedicated to perfecting the guest experience.

Key amenities:

Magna Pars l’Hotel à Parfum

11 Best Luxury Hotels in Milan, Italy 19

Nestled in the vibrant Navigli district and surrounded by significant design landmarks such as Armani/Silos and Mudec, Magna Pars l’Hotel à Parfum offers a truly captivating and luxurious experience. This unique five-star hotel presents a fascinating world of scents, as it resides within a former perfume factory.

The use of captivating aromas creates a special and sensory-rich atmosphere throughout the premises, and the hotel even features its own fragrance laboratory. Moreover, Magna Pars boasts a selection of spacious and comfortable suites, an inviting inner garden, and an outstanding restaurant with a charming patio. For those seeking an extraordinary and ultra-modern stay with a distinctive olfactory charm, Magna Pars l’Hotel à Parfum stands out as an intriguing and luxurious choice.

Key amenities:

Hotel VIU Milan

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Elevating your Milan experience to new heights, Hotel VIU offers an incredible sensation of being on top of the city. The rooftop pool provides sweeping vistas of the Milanese skyline, accompanied by a stylish bar where you can savor a cocktail or two. The hotel’s design exudes chic minimalism, featuring sleek dark-wood units that create an atmosphere of modern elegance.

For the ultimate Milanese experience, the Presidential Suite offers 110 square meters of luxurious space, adorned with opulent marble accents and boasting magnificent city views. Hotel VIU takes sophisticated dining to another level with Bulk Restaurant, where Michelin-starred Italian chef Giancarlo Morelli oversees the culinary delights. Enjoy a stay that is synonymous with luxury and sophistication at Hotel VIU, where you’ll find yourself on top of Milan in more ways than one.

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Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa – LHW

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As the name suggests, Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa – LHW offers a truly grand and luxurious palazzo stay. This exceptional lodging showcases some of the most opulent and breathtaking interiors in Milan, making it a standout destination in Italy as well. Stepping through the elegant front doors, you’ll enter a universe of beauty, with magnificent staircases, lavish chandeliers, striking indoor pools, and serene inner gardens to captivate your senses.

The rooms and suites at Palazzo Parigi never fail to impress, emanating a sense of grandeur and splendor. Those with terraces provide the most rewarding vistas of Milan, with unrivaled panoramas that include the iconic Duomo and the clear city skyline. Be sure not to miss the opportunity to indulge in a treatment at the on-site spa, which boasts a spacious, bold, and tranquil setting, promising a truly rejuvenating experience. For an unforgettable and majestic stay in Milan, Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa – LHW stands as an unrivaled choice.

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